Anazao Fitness Gear™
by AccuFitness
Resistance band bars, anchors, and attachments



Serious equipment to
 Maximize Personal Fitness!


“Anazao” an ancient word meaning to live again, recover life, regain strength and vigor, serves as the inspiration behind the design of this outstanding line of Fitness Gear.  Safer than free weights and requiring a limited footprint (physical space), Anazao Fitness Gear is the ideal equipment for in home use, use in a fitness studio, or on the run!

Designed to facilitate greater levels of individual fitness using functional resistance, Anazao Fitness Gear eliminates the need for weight machines or free weights and spotters by connecting with functional resistance bands* to provide individuals a safer and more effective workout.

Anazao Fitness Gear incorporates the functional aspects of resistance training with targeted muscle exercises:  



    • Presses
    • Pulls
    • Curls
    • Flys
    • Hammers
    • And More!!


 Quality steel internal core for strength & durability (connects to over 200+ lbs. of functional resistance)· Durable high density foam outer body for long lasting comfort and ease of use
 Smooth Travel bushings on all connection straps allow for full range of motion throughout the exercise repetition
 Easy Clip connection rings for fast connect & disconnect of resistance bands
Protective soft vinyl caps for increased protection & safety


 Reduced joint fatigue and lower risk of injury
Better muscular development resulting from continuous resistance throughout complete exercise range of motion
 No spotter or gloves required
 Reduced risk of damage to jewelry (rings, etc.)
Light weight & portable
Better grip than chrome or metal bars (foam grip delivers a fast hold w/reduced sweat induced slipping)
Limited space requirement (Anazao Fitness Gear is ideal for nearly any space - from large open areas to studio apartments)

*Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with “Bodylastics with D.G.S Technology"


AFG Preview6

Note: Use Anazao Fitness Gear with Resistance Bands Only – Click Here to Select Band Set(s)
Internal view of a Multi-Myo bar
AFG 45degree Det
Steel rings for easy connection to
 AFG Connection Detail

What is Anazao Fitness Gear by AccuFitness Made Of?


Multiple choices for your training needs:

Straight Resistance Band Bars
AFG 3-strap Long Bar Angle .Sm AFG 2-strap Long Bar Angle Sm AFG 2 Strap Short Bar Angle sm AFG 1-Strap Short Bar Angle Sm

Angled Resistance Band Bars
AFG Lat Bar Angle Sm AFG Torso Bar Front

Specialty Items
AFG Forearm Wrist Turner Angle Sm AFG Forearm Triceps Rope Front AFG Leg and Glute Strap Sm AFG Hand Straps Rt AFG Butterfly Sling Angle 

Resistance Band Anchors
AFG CDM 45degree Side Sm AFG 26inch Door Mount Front Sm AFG Anchor Straps