Anazao Fitness Gear - Multi-Myo Advanced Kit

Anazao Fitness Gear Advanced Kit

Step Up Your Resistance Band Workouts!


Anazao Fitness Gear
by AccuFitness

Multi-Myo Advanced Kit

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The Anazao Fitness Gear Multi-Myo Advanced Kit pushes the Anazao experience to new heights - adding four additional pieces of gear and expanding, yet again,  exercise variety and opportunity.  Swapping the 2-strap long bar for the added function 3-strap long bar changes the game by adding advanced multi-planar functionality.  The two-strap short bar provides for simulated "dumbell" exercises along with reverse angle leg extensions and more. The single strap medium bar centralizes resistance changing the dynamic of traditional curls, rows, arm lifts, leg presses, etc.  The torso bar allows for concentrated focus on core muscles;  develop basic conditioning or cultivate that chisieled mid-section you've always wanted.  Throw in a classic lat bar and this set will rock your world!  It's time to step up your resistance band workouts!!

Kit Includes:

 AFG 3-strap Long Bar Angle .Sm

40" Multi-Myo 3-Strap Long Bar - Perform bicep curls, tricep curls, military presses, standing chest presses, squats, and more...


AFG 1-Strap Short Bar Angle Sm

17" Multi-Myo 1-Strap Short Bar - Perfect for traveling. Perform variations of exercises with the 40" Bar and our favorite: The woodchop (an excellent rotational exercise)


AFG Butterfly Sling Front Sm

Multi-Myo Butterfly Sling - Perform chest flies!


AFG Leg and Glute Strap Sm

Multi-Myo Leg & Glute Strap - Strap to your shoe to build leg strength and incease balance and flexibility.


AFG Forearm Wrist Turner Front Sm

Multi-Myo Forearm Wrist Turner - Build Forearm and Grip strength.


AFG 1-strap Med Bar Angle Sm

30" Multi-Myo 1-Strap Medium Bar - Perform variations of 40" Bar exercises.


AFG 2 Strap Short Bar Angle sm

20" Multi-Myo 2-Strap Short Bar - Perfect for traveling. Replace your traditional dumbell!


AFG Lat Bar Angle Sm

Multi-Myo Lat Bar - Perform Lat Pulldowns with resistance bands!


AFG Torso Bar Front

Multi-Myo Torso Bar - Increase rotational power!



Requires resistance bands - not included in kit.


RedBodylasticsDon't forget resistance bands...

All Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with any of the Bodylastics Resistance Band Sets with D.G.S Technology offered on this site.

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Multi-Myo Advanced Kit

Price: $252.48    addtocart

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