Anazao Fitness Gear - Multi-Myo Complete Kit

AFG Complete Kit with CDM-SM

This Is It - The Complete Anazao Experience!


Anazao Fitness Gear

by AccuFitness

Multi-Myo Complete Kit

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Anazao:  Live Again, Recover Life, Regain Strength & Vigor!  The complete line of Anazao Fitness Gear helps you do just that by providing:

  • Functional Linear Resistance for Increased Muscle Recruitment
  • Conditioning for Every Major Muscle Group
  • Upper Body, Core, Lower Body Targeted Exercises
  • Extensive Exercise Options: Curls, Rows, Presses, Hammers, Wood Chops, Squats, Pull Downs, Flys, Wrist Turns, Extnesions, and many more!
  • Opportunities to Tone, Condition, Sculpt, Shape, Bulk or Build (arms, shoulders, back, chest, core, glutes, legs, etc.)
  • Multi-Planar Exercise Variations
  • Other Outstanding Benefits

Whether you're setting up a home gym, outfitting a fitness studio, serving as a personal trainer, or simply in need of exercise gear for the road - Anazao Fitness Gear is for you!  This gear is durable, portable, and requires little space.  Say goodbye to gym memberships and bulky equipment. 

Anazao Fitness Gear - Your new full-body workout!

Kit Includes each of the following: – 40" Multi-Myo 2-Strap Long Bar, – 40" Multi-Myo 3-Strap Long Bar, - Multi-Myo Triceps Rope, - 17" Multi-Myo 1-Strap Short Bar, - Multi-Myo Butterfly Sling, - Multi-Myo Leg & Glute Strap, - Multi-Myo Forearm Wrist Turner, - 20" Multi-Myo 2-Strap Short Bar, - 30" Mult-Myo 1-Strap Medium Bar, - Multi-Myo 1-Strap Torso Bar, - Multi-Myo 1-Strap Lat Bar, - Multi-Myo Corner Door Mount, - Multi-Myo 2-Strap 26" Door Mount .


Requires resistance bands - not included in kit.


RedBodylasticsDon't forget resistance bands...

All Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with any of the Bodylastics Resistance Band Sets with D.G.S Technology offered on this site.

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Multi-Myo Complete Kit

Price: $362.05     addtocart

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