Anazao Fitness Gear - Multi-Myo Intermediate Kit

Anazao Fitness Gear Intermediate Kit

Expanded Options = Expanded Workouts!


Anazao Fitness Gear

by AccuFitness

Multi-Myo Intermediate Kit   

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The Anazao Fitness Gear Multi-Myo Intermediate Kit expands your resistance band workout options with the addition of a triceps rope and forearm wrist turner!  Tone, condition, sculpt, shape, bulk or build your arms, shoulders, back, chest, core, glutes and legs with a variety of available exercises; impact conditioning of every major muscle group and build the body you've always wanted with the Multi-Myo Intermediate Kit.  

Kit Includes:

 AFG 2-strap Long Bar Angle Sm

40" Multi-Myo 2-Strap Long Bar - Perform bicep curls, tricep curls, military presses, standing chest presses, squats, and more...


AFG 1-Strap Short Bar Angle Sm

17" Multi-Myo 1-Strap Short Bar - Perfect for traveling. Perform variations of exercises with the 40" Bar and our favorite: The woodchop (an excellent rotational exercise)


AFG Butterfly Sling Front Sm

Multi-Myo Butterfly Sling - Perform chest flies!


AFG Leg and Glute Strap Sm

Multi-Myo Leg & Glute Strap - Strap to your shoe to build leg strength and incease balance and flexibility.


AFG Forearm Wrist Turner Front Sm

Multi-Myo Forearm Wrist Turner - Build Forearm and Grip strength.


AFG TricepsRopeFront2

Multi-Myo Triceps Rope - Work muscles different with this outstanding sculpting tool.



Requires resistance bands - not included in kit.


RedBodylasticsDon't forget resistance bands...

All Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with any of the Bodylastics Resistance Band Sets with D.G.S Technology offered on this site.

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Multi-Myo Intermediate Kit

Price: $146.29     addtocart

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