Anazao Fitness Gear - Multi-Myo Starter Kit

Anazao Fitness Gear Starter Kit




Anazao Fitness Gear

by AccuFitness

Multi-Myo Starter Kit

Price: $106.10 



The Anazao Fitness Gear Multi-Myo Starter Kit is an ideal springboard to start seeing the benefits of resistance band workouts!  The four items included allow for a variety of exercises that can target upper body, core, and lower body.  In fact, by working with this kit you can impact conditioning on every major muscle category. 

Kit Includes:

 AFG 2-strap Long Bar Angle Sm

40" Multi-Myo 2-Strap Long Bar - Perform bicep curls, tricep curls, military presses, standing chest presses, squats, and more...


AFG 1-Strap Short Bar Angle Sm

17" Multi-Myo 1-Strap Short Bar - Perfect for traveling. Perform variations of exercises with the 40" Bar and our favorite: The woodchop (an excellent rotational exercise)


AFG Butterfly Sling Front Sm

Multi-Myo Butterfly Sling - Perform chest flies!


AFG Leg and Glute Strap Sm

Multi-Myo Leg & Glute Strap - Strap to your shoe to build leg strength and incease balance and flexibility.




RedBodylasticsDon't forget resistance bands...

All Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with any of the Bodylastics Resistance Band Sets with D.G.S Technology offered on this site.

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Multi-Myo Starter Kit

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