Anazao Fitness Gear by AccuFitness

Multi-Myo™ 26" 2-Strap
Resistance Band Door Mount


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Two ways to connect your resistance bands!

Loop through the bar or connect to the rings.


Strong & study, the Multi-Myo 26" 2-Strap Resistance Band Door Mount provides for a variety of connection point options.  The incredibly robust 26" door mount features 2-Straps with connecting D-rings which allows for easy single or double end (or two independent) resistance band connections.  Additionally, the internal door mount cross-member is reinforced - allowing users to wrap resistance bands around the cross member to shorten the overall length of the band. 

This can be particularly helpful when performing exercises that require the user to be close in to the door (e.g. lat pull-downs).  This door mount works equally well on the top, side, or bottom of a door and is an outstanding tool for expanding your Anazao Fitness Gear exercise options.


How do Multi-Myo™ Resistance Band Door Anchors Work? Watch this video:



*Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with “Bodylastics Resistance Band Systems with D.G.S Technology."  Not all resistance bands (systems) will connect to the Anazao Multi-Myo Corner Door Mount.  Verify that your resistance bands (system) will connect properly to the Multi-Myo Corner Door Mount before purchasing or add a Bodylastics Resistance Band System to your cart before checking out.


AFG 26inch Door Mount Front

Anazao Fitness Gear by AccuFitness
Multi-Myo 26" 2-Strap Resistance Band Door Mount
Price: $35.99    addtocart