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Multi-Myo™ Corner Door Mount

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Two ways to connect your resistance bands!

Wrap band around the loop or connect to the ring.

Have you ever wished that your exercise routine was as portable as your lifestyle? So have most others who own, or use on a regular basis, universal weights, weight machines, home gyms and similar equipment.  Well, wish no longer!  Anazao Fitness Gear by AccuFitness has the answer; Portable Exercise Gear for a Mobile LifestyleTM!

Take, for example, the Multi-Myo Corner Door Anchor; this light weight, durable and portable anchor provides you the freedom to exercise just about anywhere you may go. Connect your resistance bands* at home, in the office, when traveling for business, while away on vacation, virtually anywhere with the Anazao Multi-Myo Corner Door Mount.

Easy to Use:

Multi-Myo Corner Door Mount
· Note:  This is a universal door mount and may be used along any edge of a door as required for specific exercises.
· Open the door; place the door mount between the door and door jam (reference picture below) - foam end on the same side as door hinges.  Close the door ensuring the latch is engaged; lock door if possible.
· Connect carabiner(s) to the D-Ring directly or slide resistance band(s) through the nylon loop (as required for specific exercises).
· DO NOT use on swinging or French style doors.  DO NOT use on the top, bottom or side of doors that have more than 1/2” clearance.  DO NOT use with glass doors.

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 How do Multi-Myo™ Door Anchors Work? Watch this video:


 *Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with “Bodylastics Resistance Band Systems with D.G.S Technology."  Not all resistance bands (systems) will connect to the Anazao Multi-Myo Corner Door Mount.  Verify that your resistance bands (system) will connect properly to the Multi-Myo Corner Door Mount before purchasing or add a Bodylastics Resistance Band System to your cart before checking out.

Multi-Myo Corner Door Mount

Price: $14.25    addtocart

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