Anazao Fitness Gear by AccuFitness

Multi-Myo™ Torso Bar, 1-Strap


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Build core strength using rotational movements!



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Talk about a core and upper body workout ~ this little baby will help you tighten up and lean down!

The Multi-Myo Torso Bar is a one of a kind tool designed to focus on central core and upper body muscles.  Standing upright and using only arm movements - you can isolate upper body muscles for a powerful workout.  Lock your arms in place at the beginning of each rep. and turn only your torso and your core will get a workout the likes of which are difficult to replicate. 

Anazao Fitness Gear by AccuFitness

Multi-Myo™ Lat Bar, 1-Strap


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Execute Lat Pulldowns with Resistance Bands!


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If you like a good lat bar workout, then you'll love what you can do with the Anazao Lat Bar!  Attach higher resistance and work through repetitions slowly to increase muscle mass.  Reduce resistance and use an increased number of reps to maintain, tone, and sculpt.