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Multi-Myo™ Lat Bar, 1-Strap


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Execute Lat Pulldowns with Resistance Bands!


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If you like a good lat bar workout, then you'll love what you can do with the Anazao Lat Bar!  Attach higher resistance and work through repetitions slowly to increase muscle mass.  Reduce resistance and use an increased number of reps to maintain, tone, and sculpt.

Focus on different muscle groups as you work your grip from the outside down-angled portion of the bar all the way inward to a very narrow grip on each side of the connecting strap.  A variety of exercises are available using the Anazao Lat Bar and, like all Anazao gear, you'll get the added benefit of functional muscle engagement while focusing on specific muscle groups.


Multi-Myo Lat Bar, 1-Strap

Price: $39.99    addtocart


How to perform a Lat Pull Down:

Loop a resistance band(s) through/around an anchor as high toward the ceiling as possible (e.g., an Anazao door mount anchored along the top edge of the door; loop through the strap of the Corner Mount or wrap around the white bar of the 26” door mount).  Several loops may be required to shorten the resistance band sufficiently for this exercise.
 Attach both ends of the band(s) to the O-Ring on the Lat bar.
Make sure the connection points are secure.
 Find a focal point to assist in maintaining proper posture.  Keep your back and head straight throughout the entire repetition.
Grasp the Lat bar by the angled portions of the bar using an overhand grip.  Kneel below the anchor point for the band(s).
 While on your knees, slowly pull the bar downward as far as comfortable toward your chest.
 Allow the bar raise back up slowly.
 Exercise also can be performed with your hands on the straight portion near the end of the bar or with your hands more centered toward the center of the bar.
Alternate Application:  Perform the above noted Lat bar exercises using an underhand grip.
CAUTION:– never pull the bar behind your head; this can compromise your upper back and neck    

*Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with “Bodylastics Resistance Band Systems with D.G.S Technology"