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Multi-Myo™ Torso Bar, 1-Strap


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Build core strength using rotational movements!



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Talk about a core and upper body workout ~ this little baby will help you tighten up and lean down!

The Multi-Myo Torso Bar is a one of a kind tool designed to focus on central core and upper body muscles.  Standing upright and using only arm movements - you can isolate upper body muscles for a powerful workout.  Lock your arms in place at the beginning of each rep. and turn only your torso and your core will get a workout the likes of which are difficult to replicate. 

Combine arm movements at the beginning of each rep. with torso rotation at the height of each movement and you'll develop a love/hate relationship with your Anazao Torso Bar.

Whether you're looking to take strokes off your golf game, quicken your martial arts forms, ride stronger on road or mountain bikes, drive a faster backhand across the net or simply looking to sport a rockin' mid-section . . . the Anazao Multi-Myo Torso Bar can get you there! Get yours today!!


Sample Exercise:






*Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with “Bodylastics Resistance Band Systems with D.G.S Technology"



Multi-Myo Torso Bar, 1 Strap
Price: $35.84     addtocart

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