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Multi-Myo™ Forearm Wrist Turner


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Build forearm and grip strength!


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The Multi-Myo Forearm Wrist Turner is an indespensible tool for anyone looking to build forearm and grip strength
. . . and this means you!  Why?  Because most upper body workouts, many of your favorite sporting activities, and many of your daily routines require a solid grip and are made far more simple and enjoyable with strong and stable forearms. Would you like a more controlled grip on your tennis racquet or golf clubs? 

Are you looking to decrease hand strain while working out?  Have you ever wished opening a vaccum sealed jar was easier?  We've got the solution - regular exercises with the Multi-Myo Forearm Wrist Turner!

Unlike wrist turners that suspend free weights, the Anazao Multi-Myo Forearm Wrist Turner provides a progressively more difficult exercise with each turn of the wrist.  As you coil the resistance band around the shaft of the forearm wrist turner, the tension on the resistance band gets greater and greater. Greater tension requires increased muscle recruitment from various areas of the body in order to maintain proper posture while completing each repetition.  This greater recruitment functionally exercises the deltoids, chest, upper back, and core muscles.  Ad a slight squat while working the forearm wrist turner and this "simple" exercise takes on a whole new dimension - functionally exercising the legs as well!

You'll be surprised at how effective a workout you can get with even very light resistance bands.  Increase the initial band resistance as your strength increases and the next thing you know you'll be enjoying your favorite athletic activities and daily routines on a whole new level! 


Multi-Myo Forearm Wrist Turner

Price: $22.99  addtocart


How to Perform a Forearm Rotation:

 Exercise caution when performing this exercise which aggressively works the forearm muscles. Start with low resistance.
 Attach one end of a band to the Wrist Turner and the other to a low or high connection point. Performing this exercise from the low and high positions works the forearm more completely.
Placing one hand on each of the wrist turner grips, extend both arms straight out in front of you and step backward to remove slack from the band.  Hold the Wrist Turner firmly in one hand and loosely in the other.  Begin turning the bar by rotating the hand firmly griping the device toward you (counter-clockwise), alternate grip and continue wrapping the band around the bar as many times as is comfortable. Be sure to keep your arms straight out in front of you (not slanting toward the floor or ceiling) and your back straight. 
 Caution:  This exercise creates a considerable amount of tension; DO NOT over-exert.
 Caution: DO NOT completely relax your grip on the bar or it will
unravel quickly.
Reverse directions, and wrap the band around the bar away from you (clock-wise).
Return to the starting position before relaxing your grip on the wrist turner.
 Flip the bar 180 degrees with alternating repetitions to balance the resistance load provided to each arm.

*Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with “Bodylastics Resistance Band Systems with D.G.S Technology"