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Multi-Myo™ Triceps Rope


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Thick, but soft material allows firm grip and no gloves required!


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If you work muscles in the same way repeatedly, strength, growth, and conditioning plateau fairly quickly.  If you work the same muscles differently (even with subtle differences in your exercise routine), strength, conditioning and growth have tremendous potential.

Enter the Anazao - Multi-Myo Triceps Rope!  Designed as a break through tool - this piece of gear is made to facilitate variations on many of your favorite upper body and arm exercises.  Unlike a standard hemp triceps rope - this rope doesn't require golves and won't tear up your hands.

The Multi-Myo Triceps Rope helps individuals to break through existing plateaus and discover new levels of strength, fitness, and conditioning.  Additionally, this is an outstanding sculpting accessory as its non-rigid nature forces muscles to engage more fully when working through the complete range of each repetition.  Whether doing bicep or triceps curls, standing rows, hammer curls, woodchops, or other upper body and arm exercises, you'll find that the the Multi-Myo Triceps Rope is an outstanding addition to your Anazao Fitness Gear kit.  Get yours today!




*Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with “Bodylastics Resistance Band Systems with D.G.S Technology"

Multi-Myo Triceps Rope

Price: $24.11    addtocart