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Multi-Myo™ Short (20") Bar, 2-Strap


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Perfect for travel!

Subsitute your dumbells!


Double your connections, double your fun!!  Our 20", 2-Strap Multi-Myo Bar is the perfect substitute for traditional dumbells.  In fact, people have taken to calling this bar the Anazao Dumbell for that reason.  Like its single strap counter part, this straight bar is perfect to keep you working out when you travel.  Likewise, it's convenient and easy to use in the gym or at home.  

Like all Anazao Fitness Gear, the 20" 2-Strap Multi-Myo bar can be used for traditional exercises (e.g., standing single arm biceps curl or a standing one arm press, etc.) and it can be used in a manner that maximizes functional impact (e.g, using a slightly higher resistance band, perform one arm biceps curls while standing in a lunge position)!  Try this exercise, feel the burn, and then tell us just how much you love your Anazao Fitness Gear!!

Don't miss out - order today!  A world of double-opportunities awaits you.






















*Anazao Fitness Gear is recommended for use with “Bodylastics Resistance Band Systems with D.G.S Technology"

Multi-Myo Short (20") Bar, 2-Strap
Price: $27.72     addtocart


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