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Grip strength refers to the power and force that can be generated with your hands. There are many things to consider when discussing grip strength. Grip involves all the muscles from your elbows to your fingertips and many movement patterns are realized by the lower arm muscles.

Benefits of Grip Training

Stronger Handshake – A surefire way to make a great first impression is with a solid handshake. There’s nothing that exudes confidence an ...

Transformation Essentials

Successful body transformation takes work...mentally and physically. Despite this "work" requirement, however, achieving the body of your dreams is possible if you build on a solid foundation:

Break out of your comfort zone - Have an honest conversation with yourself about what you are willing to do. How badly you want something heavily determines your ability to achieve it.
Believe in yourself - Corny and/or o ...

Golf Fitness and Anazao Fitness Gear by AccuFitness

Golf is considered a game that anyone can play regardless of their physical ability or fitness level. However, without some form of conditioning program, golfers may never reach their maximum potential.

A solid golf fitness routine improves your balance, develops muscle strength, and helps create an effective and repeatable swing. While it's important to work all of your muscle group ...

What Is Your Ideal Picture of Fitness?

Fit and Trim? Athletic? Ripped and Competition Ready?

This is the question we posed to our Facebook fans (alongside the above graphic) earlier this month. Knowing the fitness community is very passionate (and opinionated!) we're curious what people think and anticipated a great conversation. We weren't disappointed.

As we expected, the majority of respondents prefer the fit and trim look ...

The Benefits of Training with Resistance Bands

It's amazing how many misconceptions there are regarding resistance band training. So, what's the problem? The market is flooded with cheap and inferior resistance band products. A concern we hear frequently is "they don't offer enough resistance" or "they snap or break". Certainly this is a problem with a lot of resistance band products available today. AccuFitness has a solution, but before we talk about what gear you should be using, ...

Spring Fitness Tips

How to ignite your workout, get back on routine, and stay accountable.

For many people, winter is a time to hibernate, relax, and even indulge. Spring is a time of rejuvenation and a call to action! However, getting back on a fitness routine can be a daunting and intimidating task. Here a few tips to help you get back to work!

Set a realistic schedule - The key to getting back in to a fitness routine and staying w ...

BMI and the Scale vs. Measuring Body Composition

If you work out, BMI might not be for you

BMI does not take into account how much of your weight is muscle and how much of your weight is fat. If you are an active individual or an athlete, more than likely you have more weight in muscle than the average person and your BMI may not accurately reflect your fitness level or how healthy and fit you look. Why? Because BMI is merely a correlation b ...

Who Do Fitness Resolutions Fail?

Here are some statistics from a 2012 Study by the University of Scranton:

- Losing weight is the #1 most common resolution
- 76% maintain their resolutions through the 1st week, 46% go past 6 months
- 39% of people in their 20's fulfill their resolution, while only 14% over the age of 50 do.

According to studies, 36% drop their resolutions one month in.

So, w ...

Tips For Avoiding Germs At The Gym

The only thing you should be getting at the gym is a good workout. However, if you're careless you can get a lot more than a healthy body. Take a look at these statistics:

63% of all hand contacted equipment is contaminated.
73% of all weight equipment is contaminated.
51% of all aerobic equipment is contaminated.

Germs love the warm and sweaty atmosphere of the gym and ca ...

Our 20 Favorite Super Foods

"Super food" is a non-scientific term used to describe a food that has high nutritional value. We all have favorite foods that are good for us, but what makes them so nutritious? Here is a list of our favorite "super foods" and what makes them so "super":

Almonds – A superstar of the nut family, almonds are a great source of Vitamin E, Magnesium, Protein, Fiber, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron. Known to ...

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