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Accu-Measure® Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester  

The Accu-Measure® Fitness 3000 is endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and recommended in Body-for-LIFE as a great way to measure body fat accurately, privately, consistently and easily. Ideal for anyone in a fat-burning fitness, exercise, bodybuilding, physique transformation or weight management program who wants to measure their progress. Throw out the bathroom scale and watch your body fat % decline.


FatTrack®  FITNESS TK - Body Transformation KitFatTrack FITNESS TK w Prod2

The new FatTrack® FITNESS TK - Body Transfomation Toolkit equips you with three incredible products designed to keep you moving toward your fitness goals. With the reliability and gold-standard accuracy of underwater-weighing tests…with digital performance…the FatTrack® FITNESS Digital Body Fat Caliper helps you track your progress as you see fit. Measure any body part with the MyoTape Body Tape Measure AND NOW - you can track and chart your results over time, with Body Tracker software.  Upload photos of your progress to see your progressions while comparing data, and more! Also, track progress of your strenght training and cardio workouts. This three pack dynamo - is a tremendous value that provides you with the tool you need to succeed!   Whether you are in the Body-for-LIFE challenge,  are a competitive lifter, personal trainer or simply trying to monitor your body fat to establish and maintain great health and fitness habits, the items included in the FatTrack® FITNESS TK package help you to lose body fat, develop more lean body mass, and monitor progress to ensure you reach your fitness goal!


Accu-Measure® FitKid™ Body Fat Caliper for Childrenfitkid-caliper-package

The Accu-Measure® FitKid™ Caliper for Children is the best tool a parent can use to check their children's body fat. Much more relevant than BMI and a scale, with 2 simple checks, a child's body fat % can be determined.  Help combat the onset of childhood obesity and establish a fitness oriented lifestyle with each of your children using The Accu-Measure® FitKid™ Caliper for Children !


FatTrack® PRO DIGITAL Body Fat Measurement System

ftpro-packageThe NEWLY UPDATED FatTrack PRO is here - and it's better than ever!  This 3-in-1 product package is perfect for individuals, personal trainers, athletic coaches/trainers and other professionals interested in measuring and calculating body fat % and lean body mass using either the 3 or 7-site Jackson-Pollack formulas for estimating body fat % through skinfold measurements.  The FatTrack PRO Digital Body Fat Measurement System contains the highly technological professional-grade FatTrack PRO digital skinfold caliper, My Workout Trainer (body composition, workout, and macronutrient information tracking software), and a carrying case with carabiner.  Store 50 independent user profiles directly within the FatTrack PRO and/or use My Workout Trainer to store an unlimited number of user profiles.

To learn more about this must have product package and/or to order yours - visit our FatTrack PRO DIGITAL page by clicking on the link provided directly below.





I just wanted to say thanks soooo much for the great product.If you ever need a spokesperson let me know. I do compete in shows, and recently did the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding show. I came in 6th place out of 20 guys in the lightheavy class.  My next show will be the Junior USAs. If it wasn't for the calipers, I could not track my body fat. I have found them to the best calipers out there. Very accurate!
Randall V. Sims Muscle Mania Natural Pro
Bodybuilder Professional Trainer,