Bodylastics - Basic Tension Set


Great for average strength individuals.


88 lbs. of total resistance.*

Includes: 4 Resistace Bands: Yellow (5 lbs.), Green (7 lbs.), Red (13 lbs.), and Blue (19 lbs.) +  2 handles, 2 ankle straps and 1 door mount.


Bodylastics Resistance Bands

Basic Tension Set

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How does the resistance work?

Note: When one end of any Bodylastics band is attached to a piece of Anazao Fitness Gear, this results in the above noted resistance equivalent for each band. When both ends of a Bodylastics band are attached to the same piece of gear, the resistance equivalent is doubled (e.g., if both ends of a yellow band are attached to the O-ring on a 30" single-strap Multi-Myo Medium Bar, the resistance equivalent is 10 lbs..)


Why choose Bodylastics?

Bodylastics incorporates D.G.S. Technology (Distance Governor Safety - which is designed to prevent the user from snapping the elastic) into each of its bands. D.G.S. works by limiting the length to which the Bodylastics bands can be stretched; this prevents users from overstretching the elastics which can lead to breakage. Elastic bands start to tear and eventually snap because users unintentionally stretch them beyond their point of elasticity. D.G.S. provides "feedback" letting users know the bands are about tooverstretch and then limits the ability to do so. The technology includes a super strong BodylasticsDGSCutaway450(150 lbs.. of tensile strength) braided cord inside each resistance band. This cord is four times the length of the band; therefore, when the elastic is stretched and the inner cord fully elongated, the cord pulls on the ends of the elastic stopping it like a super strong rope and preventing overstretch.

Bodylastics also incorporates the "Quick Clip System" into each of its resistance bands. This system utilizes heavy duty aluminum clips (carabineers) for easily attaching any Bodylastics band to items in the Anazao Fitness Gear line. For quick reference, band resistance levels are stamped directly into each carabineer body.

Note: Bodylastics® and D.G.S™. are trademarks of Bodylastics International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.


Try Bodylastics with Anazao Fitness Gear™ by AccuFitness Gear

AccuFitness places a high priority on safety; as a result, we recommend using Bodylastics resistance bands with our entire line of Anazao Fitness Gear.

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Bodylastics Basic Tension Set

Price: $34.95     addtocart

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