Sportline Step Pedometer 330

      Easy to use!

The Sportline Step Pedometer 330 is perfect for your 10,000 step per day program as this electronic step pedometer is easy to use. It is ideal for walkers, hikers and joggers. The large electronic display makes it extremely easy to read as you exercise. Just put it on and start walking!

Sportline Step Pedometer 330


  • No adjustments to make
  • Records from 1 to 99,999 steps on large electronic digital display
  • Belt clip
  • Single button reset

Bonus Feature: All model 330 step pedometers come with a FREE 19 page walking handbook, The Benefits of Walking. This informative pamphlet includes tips on the 10,000 step program, a tracking journal, mileage conversions, a target heart rate chart and exercise programs.

Sportline Step Pedometer 330
Price: $14.99    addtocart

Additional Savings with Bundled Packages:

Sportline Step Pedometer 330 with MyoTape Body Tape Measure

AccuFitness Bundled Price: $19.98 addtocart     Save $5.00