Bowflex Fitwatch F30 Hybrid (Strap or Strapless) Heart Rate Monitor

Stay in your target range for the most effective workout!


The Bowflex Fitwatch F30 Heart Rate Monitor provides the feedback you need to monitor your training with functions that help you increase your fitness and performance.



Bowflex F30 Hybrid (Strap or Strapless) Heart Rate Monitor

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Measure heart rate with or without a chest strap with the Bowflex FitWatch F30 Hybrid Heart Rate Monitor. Choose between continuous heart rate using a chest belt or measure heart rate boxflexf30largethrough the bottonless sensor technology. Touch anywhere on the case to display heart rate. Immediate feedback ensures you are training at the right level of intensity.



  • Accurate Strapless Heart Rate Monitor
  • On Demand Heart Rate with Buttonless Sensor Technology
  • Continuous Chest Strap Heart Rate
  • Hi/Lo Target Zone Alarm
  • Recovery Timer
  • Calorie Counter
  • Percentage of Max Heart Rate
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Countdown Timer
  • Maximum Heart Rate During Exercising
  • Lap Memory
  • Total Fat Burn
  • Time of Day/Alarm Clock
  • 100 Hour Stopwatch
  • Large Easy to Read Display
  • Blacklight
  • Water Resistant




Bowflex Fitwatch F30 Hybrid Heart Rate Monitor

Price: $99.00  SALE $49.99    addtocart