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HYDRYXTM Hard-Core Workout Towel 

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The super-absorbent HYDRYX™ Hard-Core Workout Towel absorbs tons of sweat and cools you down after the most serious of workouts. The unique material absorbs more than a towel, holding up to 5 times its weight in water, with cooling properties to keep you fresh. It's like a chamois formulated for your body that stays cool all day long!

Proven by hard-core bodybuilders and weightlifters and endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, the revolutionary HYDRYX™ Hard-Core Workout Towel absorbs sweat from the toughest workout and helps you cool down when you need it.
Carrying tube included, keeps the HYDRYX™ Hard-Core Workout Towel moist for the best cool down and most moisture absorption. 64x43 cm (25x17 in.)

HYDRYX™ Hard-Core Workout Towel is also great for running, golf, sports, first aid and heat-stroke prevention.

HYDRYX™ was independently reviewed by SNEWS and stated, "Understand this: This ain't your mother's towel," and rated it 4.5/5.




HYDRYX™ Hard-Core Workout Towel Care instructions:

  • Rinse or wash in cold water before use
  • Wash in cold water, ring out and store clean in tube or zip-lock type bag
  • If HYDRYX™ dries out, rinse it in cold water
  • In extra hot weather, rinse in cold water and wring out as much water as you like before use
  • Keeping HYDRYX™ wet in hot weather lets you dry off and stay extra cool at the same time

HYDRYX™ Hard-Core Workout Towel

Price: $17.99    $9.99    addtocart

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